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Level II. Make-up Artist & Specialties


Specialty courses can be taken once the student has achieved the Level I Make-up Artist level. The student may choose to complete one or all of the specialty courses. If the student completes the four core specialty courses, then he or she will receive a certificate and a Level II Make-up Artist card.



High Fashion Make-up Trends

Description: Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists working in advertising and editorial. In this course, you will work with professional models and a professional photographer to create portfolio quality imagery.

Hours: 35
Class fee: € 525
Class kit: € 360
*Core specialty

Studio Make-up

Description: In this course, students are exposed to film and television production and the make-up required for today’s demanding sets. Learn how to work with high-definition cameras and learn what is required of the make-up. We will also be focusing on the no make-up look.

Hours: 35
Class fee: € 525
Class kit: € 360
*Core specialty


Description: Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying makeup. In this course we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly care for and maintain it. In addition, we teach the techniques to do beautiful, flawless beauty make-up. Learn the techniques that are being required by the major shops as well as demanding clients.

Hours: 35
Class fee: € 525
Class kit: € 360
*Core specialty

Bridal Make-up

Description:Learn the techniques used to do a successful consultation with a bride and family members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business.

Hours: 21
Class fee: € 315
Class kit: € 360
*Core specialty

Avant-Garde Looks

Description:Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists in runway and editorial to make creative and wild make-up creations. We help students open themselves up to the creative process and harness the power of creativity.

Hours: 14
Class fee: € 210
Class kit: € 360

Out-of-the-kit FX

Description: Creating out-of-the-kit effects and applying prosthetic appliances are staples of professional make-up artists. Learn to apply foam gelatin and Pros-aide transfer prosthetic appliances. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly coloring the latest technology in translucent prosthetics, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects.

Hours: 35
Class fee: € 525
Class kit: € 360