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Are you dreaming of becoming a professional make-up artist? Do you desire to know how to do make-up and you are interested in fashion, art and beauty? Then, you´ve found the right place.

Make-Up Designory will inspire you and awaken your educational ambitions. Play with colors, textures and techniques. Find inspiration. Use creativity. Move boundaries.

Welcome in MUDSchool and MUDshop


Make-Up Designory, the largest make-up school in the USA, was founded over a decade ago to bring excellence to make-up education. Accomplished professional make-up artisans, who share a passion for creating an inspirational learning environment, teach our students practical and sophisticated skills. With three thriving campuses in Los Angeles and New York. Students from around the world join us to study the state of the art in beauty make-up artistry, hairstyling, character and special effects make-up. We’ve graduated some of the finest make-up artists in the industry into “starring roles” – from Hollywood to Broadway and the runways of Europe.

Out of this unparalleled educational program, we’ve created our superb Make-Up Designory line of make-up and tools. We’ve evolved a friendly, accessible approach to educating everyday users on how to look their best with our products, so that they can become make-up experts themselves. It’s a high standard of make-up offered with a clear, instructional approach that you won’t find anywhere else.


History of MUD

Make-Up Designory was founded in 1997 by accomplished professional make-up artisans who shared the goal of bringing excellence to make-up education. The school’s founders sought to offer an unparalleled education, put students first, and create an [educational] institution that would support the needs of the make-up industry.
Right from the start, we came across the task of supplying our instructors and students with quality products.That’s why we created a line of cosmetics that would meet our needs and standards. By 2000, the company had developed a full range color line. Since the line was developed primarily for professionals, the products were created with care – keeping quality in mind.

In 2003, MUDshop was added to the Los Angeles facility. This allowed our line of products to be sold in a professional and consumer friendly environment. In 2008, extensive remodeling of our NewYork facility allowed for a second MUDshop to be added to our SoHo location. And later that same year, a product re-brand was launched, allowing us to bring our [same] high quality products to the wider public.

Today, MUD cosmetics are applied in theaters, TV and film productions, schools, and all other related industries.With a strong new sales strategy and professional / educational support, it is also available to the general population through Pro Shops, Perfumeries, high end beautyshops, and cosmetic retails in more than 35 countries.